He’s waited centuries for a woman like her. Too bad she’s the devil’s lover.

When Hannah was asked by a demigod to help end the world, she agreed without hesitation. Yet months have passed since the so-called apocalypse; the world is still spinning, the demigod in question is MIA, and Hannah finds herself doubting everything she thought was true.

After the world didn’t end, Gula, the Sin of Gluttony, was ordered by Lucifer to guard some random human. But like everything else with the devil, the reasons why weren’t clear. Gula has his own theories, namely that Lucifer got his freak on with a human for the first time in forever, which would be swell…if Hannah wasn’t the type of woman Gula himself has waited centuries to find.

A new assignment brings Gula closer to Hannah that he ever dreamed possible, and that’s dangerous for a whole host of reasons. When the girl you love happens to be the devil’s mistress, pursuing her is an excellent way to end up dead. But the more Gula tries to use his head, the more his heart gets in the way. And when the apocalypse-happy demigod shows up again, Gula discovers more than his life is on the line.